December 9, 2017

Articles & Resources

ARTICLES – Written by Stephen Meade and designed to cover various aspects of the Crypto Community










RESOURCES – These are links, articles, etc. that we may find interesting and want to share

Forget the Bolivar: In Venezuela, Bartering Is the New Economy

Accenture – Blockchain for Contracts

ICO Due Diligence Check List

21_Cryptos_Magazine_January_2018  gives you insight and history on 21 Crypto Coins.  It also gives some definitions and slang terms.

PWC ICO Engagement Estimate Template for an ICO.

PWC ICO Best Practices

Industry WhitePapers – These are white papers relevant to either the MonetaPro or the Industry as a whole

  1. United Nations: Introduction to Transfer Pricing (Nov. 2016)
  2. IBM Research: Blockchain/DLT: A game-changer in managing MNCs intercompany transactions – (Nov. 2017)
  3. PWC: International Transfer Pricing 2015/16
  4. Why Corporates Trip Over All The Moving Parts Of Inter-Company Transactions (Aug. 2016)
  5. Sherwood: How Corporate Barter Converts Slow-moving Inventory Into Cash (April 2017)
  6. KPMG: 2016 From Thomson Reuters and KPMG International Global Trade Management Survey (2016)
  7. Barter Implications
  8. IRS Barter and Form 1099B