March 21, 2018



Monday, February 19th, 2018: d10e – Silicon Valley – MonetaPro Wins 1st Place.  Approximately 420 companies submitted entry to become one of the 32 featured participants at this worldwide conference.  10 neutral judges voted MonetaPro as 1st place overall.

Blockchain Beach – Santa Monica, California – August 25th, 2017: One of the first MonetaPro presentations given to an audience.  Stephen had the honor of presenting MonetaPro to the Blockchain Beach – Santa Monica community.


TokenMatch Event – May 18th, 2018: At Consensus 2018 in NYC, Stephen presented at the Invitation only TokenMatch Event.  The Event featured a premier group of ICO teams presenting to a small group of investors.  Checkout his interview at the Event:


Unblocking the Blockchain Event – February 28th, 2018: Stephen provided a stellar speech on the simplified meaning of blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, EOS, etc.  An ebook on this talk will be forthcoming.


Beverly Hills Blockchain Event – February 28th, 2018: Comments from members of the Beverly Hills Blockchain meetup community.  Stephen breaks down the traditional funding models versus a more creative way to access financing in a more seamless manner.  Also featuring tips from Marvin Epstein (Senior Vice President & Partner, Karma International), Oscar Garcia (Founder & CEO, Ualala), and Tony Winders (Chief Marketing Officer, NYNJA).

Beverly Hills Blockchain Event – Stephen Meade Interview – February 28th, 2018: Stephen breaks down how Blockchain works for you and the impact overall.

Nynja Networking Tips and Future of Blockchain w/ Stephen Meade & Larry Brent – February 16th, 2018: Stephen explains his methodology for effective networking and presentation skills.  Stephen also goes into his signature “Tornado Technique” with Larry.