The Company


When the world of commerce started out, people would barter (trading objects for other objects), but there was no portability in trade. The first forms of portable currency was in Moneta seashells. The company’s name was founded on this principle of portability in trade.

Our company serves as a platform for global barter. It is a $17 Trillion market for non-cash corporate trading. What do these companies trade? All kinds of global commodities (i.e. cars for computers, machinery for natural resources). 72% of Fortune 500 companies do some form of corporate trade and the average transaction is over $1M.

MonetaPro was founded on providing value to the global trade industry via liquidity, efficiency and trust.

Benefits of MonetaPro


Automation for Trading

An eBay type of closed-loop platform

Proof of Ownership Transfer

Private Blockchain for Transfer w/ immediate financial settlement

Audit trail for compliance

Blockchain – Audit/SOX compliance

Multi-Party Trading System

Instead of 1:1 trading, MonetaPro provides 1:many trading solution via the GBUC

Financial Leverage

Tax Benefits: Higher returns, Improve cashflow, & Tax free transactions

Global Benevolence Program

Companies can earn and donate their GBUCs for charitable endeavors

Management Team

Stephen Meade

Founder & Chairman

Igor Barash

Chief Operating Officer

Rick Prendergast

Director of Sales