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What is MonetaPro?

MonetaPro is a trade-for-credit, B2B exchange that allows companies to list goods and services available for trade in a closed-loop platform.

Upon the trade of an item, the Company does not receive cash but instead receives an internal trade credit called a G-BUC (pronounced “G-BUCK,” which stands for General Business Usage Credit) which can then be used  immediately to purchase other goods and services from approved trade companies in the platform.

The MonetaPro exchange provides a centralized global trading venue for companies to trade with existing partners as well as find new ones. Locating a trading partner is as simple as entering the type and amount of goods or services desired within the powerful search engine designed by MonetaPro. Negotiating and executing trades are both fast and easy. Tracking and reporting trade activity is in real-time.

MonetaPro is PayPal 2.0 Video

I. Introduction to MonetaPro (1:43min)

MonetaPro is an award-winning blockchain technology company!

We built a marketplace for the $17 Trillon market for corporate trade/global barter. Portability is the key. We created the “MON” token as a tradeable asset and the MonetaPro marketplace for corporate global trade.

Your opportunity is to purchase and acquire the token via an exchange.

Below, we have provided you with the following company info:

• Company Whitepaper

• FAQ on Tokenomics

• Demo of software platform (already built and ready)

• Overall MonetaPro presentation

Look forward to doing an AMA with your group!

Stephen Meade (Founder & CEO) speaks about MonetaPro

II. Tokenomics (6:08min)

We are proud to issue the MON token. 

The following video explains the following information:

• Total distribution

• Pre-Sale pricing and allocation

• Exchange update

• Dual liquidity options

Also, in the section below is an FAQ with more information

Presentation narrated by Stephen Meade (Founder & CEO)

III. About Stephen Meade (Chairman & Founder), Management, Corporate & Blockchain Advisors

MonetaPro is lead by a group of experienced Management Executives, and a group of active and experienced Advisors from the Corporate, Financial and Blockchain sectors.

IV. FAQs, Whitepaper & Recent News

Want to learn more about MonetaPro Tokenomics and Listing on an Exchange?  

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions

Thank You for reviewing our Whitepaper

It provides a detailed overview of how MonetaPro is revolutionizing the global barter industry:

   • Benefits to Members

   • Financial Impact

   • Token Details

   • Team Information

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

MonetaPro is proud to announce a joint venture with Procur Global Sourcing, allowing for onboarding of clients for global trade.

To read about this press release and more, please click below.   

V. Powerpoint Presentation (15:34min)

This narrated overview is designed to give you the quickest access to our investor information.

The presentation provides an overview about MonetaPro, details on company progress, and the overall outlook for the future.

Rather than having to schedule a Zoom call, this presentation was designed to provide you with all of the info necessary.

If you have further questions, please let us know.

Presentation narrated by Stephen Meade (Founder & CEO)

VI. Product Demo (10:29min)

MonetaPro Platform is built, scalable and ready to deploy

An overview of MonetaPro’s functionality. The platform demonstrates how a buyer and seller interact along with how a company with hierarchical structure would utilize the platform.

Notable Platform Attributes:

   • Ease of adding products

   • Automatic adjustment for price fluctuations

   • Company subsidiaries built-in

Additional Information

1. Competitions Won – Eight and Counting

Below are just a few:

  • Silicon Valley, d10e (1st place)

  • Los Angeles, CryptoBlockCon (1st place)

  • Zurich, FinTech (1st place)

  • Malta, Delta Summit (2nd place)

  • Malta Blockchain (2nd place)

  • South Korea, d10e (3rd place)

  • Puerto Rico, d10e (4th place)

  • Puerto Rico CoinAgenda (4th place)

2. Featured Videos

Award-Winning Presentation from d10e

Stephen delivered this presentation at the 22nd global d10e conference edition, held in Malta on May 20-22nd, 2018.

Fleming Procurement Strategy Virtual Summit Panel (Dubai, U.A.E.) – September 2020

8th Global Procurement Summit taking place in Dubai and featuring guest speakers and panelists from all over the world.  Covered topics included managing the Covid crisis, risk management and supply-chain matters.

Stephen Meade (Founder – MonetaPro) speaks on a panel discussion about raising regional collaboration and building a sustainable procurement eco-system.  

C-Suite Investors Summit Interview in San Francisco

Host Jeffrey Hayzlett sat down with MonetaPro CEO, Stephen Meade, to find out how he has successfully integrated the oldest form of e-commerce, bartering, with the most modern. 

Proactive Interview in NY: MonetaPro setting its sights to launch in blockchain friendly Malta 

MonetaPro CEO and Founder, Stephen Meade, tells Proactive Investors’ Christine Corrado how the company is setting its sights on Malta to launch its business as the laws and regulation are friendly to the blockchain world.

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