MonetaPro is a multi-award-winning B2B Fintech Marketplace. The platform allows companies and countries to transact inside a centralized, secure, and transparent global supply chain network more easily.

It’s estimated there is an existing $17T of non-cash trading (corporate barter or counter-trade), and a further $30T that exists outside of the B2C marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

MonetaPro created a proprietary Digital Stable Credit (USD-G) called a GBUC (pronounced G-Buck and stands for General Business Usage Credit), which acts as an internal method of payment and settlement.

MonetaPro has the opportunity to be the world’s first truly B2B marketplace, with built-in digital settlement options. 

The Company has also integrated IBM DLT blockchain technology for invoicing, asset management, and audit trails.

The overall results are lower transaction costs, ease of executing trades, removal of cross-border settlement, and more efficient overall asset tracking and audit.

MonetaPro solves a pressing problem for Companies and Countries worldwide.