What is MonetaPro:

MonetaPro is a Fintech Platform for Global Corporate Barter.  MonetaPro acts as a B2B marketplace for Global 2000 companies to transact with each other inside a private, closed-loop system.

What is Corporate Barter:
Corporate Barter (also called Corporate Trade, Offsets or Inter-company Trading) is where one company trade goods or services with another company.


  • Ford trades cars for computers with IBM
  • Caterpillar trades equipment with China for coal
  • Wyndham trades hotel rooms with American for airline seats 

Size of Market and Existing Activity:
Corporate Barter in not new.  Interesting facts:

  • Estimated $17 Trillion dollar existing activity
  • Over 75% of Fortune 500 companies currently trade a variety of items
  • Average corporate barter transaction is over $1.5M

Why do Companies use Barter:

Large Companies derive three major benefits from Corporate Barter:

  • Revenue Management: Merchandise or services offered at full retail value (not discounted)
  • Cash Management: Receive items in return without spending cash (remains on balance sheet)
  • Potential Tax Free: In some cases, transactions can be accomplished on a tax-free basis when performed within an exchange platform.

The Problem:

Each transaction is manual and time consuming. Companies have historically used phone, fax, or email to consummate and track trades with other organizations. Further, each transaction must be negotiated for equal value, nothing is automatic and there is no portability or multi-party trading. This makes the entire bartering process burdensome, expensive and highly inefficient.

The Solution:

MonetaPro makes corporate barter easier, faster and overall more efficient. MonetaPro provides a single global marketplace to help Fortune 500 companies streamline all barter activity.

Barter History of Commerce:

Since the dawn of humanity, the activity of barter was used in lieu of money to buy goods and services. Bartering began with direct trades of equal value (I have Chickens, you have Milk). Direct, equal value trades became difficult and eventually the world needed “portability” to progress (I have Chickens but don’t want Milk). The first forms of portable currency were the Moneta seashells. The word “money” comes from these shells, and it was with these portable items that the world of commerce began. Corporations are still stuck in the beginning of barter with one-to-one transactions.  With MonetaPro, corporate barter can now come full circle with the creation of an online sell-for-credit marketplace.

The GBUC Provides Portability:

MonetaPro created an internal, electronic store credit called a GBUC, which stands for “General Business Usage Credit.” The GBUC (pronounced G-Buck) creates portability and eliminates the need to negotiate an equal value of trade with each partner.  For tracking and pricing purposes, each GBUC equals one US Dollar (or Buck). When an item is sold, the seller earns GBUCs, which can then be used to acquire items from other sellers within the MonetaPro marketplace. 

Closed-Loop/Enhanced Liquidity/Multi-Party Trading:

The GBUC provides liquidity to achieve multi-party trading whereby companies can sell items to one party and then buy items from a different one. Additionally, MonetaPro acts as a Closed-Loop Payment system, where all of the transactions occur within the system. The utilization of the internal GBUC allows for immediate financial settlement, and the elimination of hedge, arbitrage and currency settlement risk.

About the Platform:

MonetaPro makes it seamless to transact with other existing trade partners, as well as find new ones. Listing an item for sale is easy (about 30 seconds and similar in design and function as eBay). Locating trading partners, companies or items is easy with the internal search engine designed by MonetaPro.

Features and Benefits:

Tracking and reporting trade activity is done in real-time.  The invoice, by utilizing a private blockchain technology, can now provide the company with automatic updating of inventory and supply chain management, as well as providing proof of ownership transfers. The overall result is lower transaction costs from locating a trading partner, executing the trade, and tracking and managing the trade.

Philanthropic Component to MonetaPro:

Any GBUC credits left over in the MonetaPro system can be used at the end of the year as a donation to targeted charities, potentially lowering tax implications even further.

Recent Updates:

1. Funding & Contributions

  • Successfully closed the $3.5 MM Private Round
  • Current offering of $3MM (.50) Strategic Round (Equity)

2. Competitions Won – Seven and counting

MonetaPro has competed in and won more contests (8) than any other company in the world. These contests include wins in FinTech and Blockchain.  See below:

1.Silicon Valley, d10e (1st place)

2. Los Angeles, CryptoBlock Con (1st place)

3. South Korea, d10e (3rd place)

4. Zurich, FinTech (1st place)

5. Malta, Delta Summit (2nd Place) 

6. Puerto Rico, d10e (4th place)

7. Puerto Rico CoinAgenda (4th Place)

8. Malta Blockchain (2nd Place)

Current Status:

  • Platform technology complete and in beta testing
  • Secured CEO to move to Revenue and Operational Phase (Former Head of Global Outsourcing at PWC and built $500MM in revenue in 2 years)
  • Conversing with various Fortune 500 corporations about joining MonetaPro platform as both customers and strategic investors
  • Looking to secure $3MM to move into customer acquisition and pilot phase

Example of a Corporate Trade:

Let’s say a CEO/CFO of a certain automotive concern is looking at his inventory at end of year and realizes he has a surplus inventory of $1M of cars.  The more traditional option is to discount the cars at 20% and then once sold, pay taxes on the amount of items sold.

Alternatively, the CEO/CFO lists his cars on the MonetaPro platform and then locates a “trade” partner to exchange the items. The CEO/CFO makes contact with the President of a certain computer company that they know is looking to purchase cars for their employees.  The CEO suggests making an equal trade of $1MM value of cars in exchange for $1MM of computers for the car company’s office.  

In this scenario, MonetaPro provides the following benefits for the company:

1 No discount at 20%, thus the company didn’t lose value

2. Cars are traded at full value and booked as full revenue  

3. Receives computers in return, and as an expense, which means the computers are acquired tax-free

4. The $1MM in computers was acquired without cash, which means the $1MM remained in the company accounts

5. The cars were not discounted, thus preserving margins

Online Demo:

MonetaPro has set up a password protected page and you can access the online demo https://monetapro.io/demo-page/ with the password: MPDemo2019


For more information contact Info@MonetaPro.io or 310.363.0075.