I. MonetaPro Introduction

MonetaPro is a FinTech Platform for global corporate barter. and acts as a B2B marketplace for Global 2000 companies to transact with each other inside a private, closed-loop system utilizing private blockchain technology.


• Market: $17 Trillion Corporate Barter

• Space: B2B Enterprise Marketplace

• Technology: IBM Blockchain Components

• Management: Experienced

• Seeking: $5MM Equity

Video (1:36min)
Stephen Meade, Founder & CEO, provides a brief introduction

II. Executive Summary

This narrated overview is designed to give you the quickest access to our investor information. 

The presentation covers the problems with global trade, how MonetaPro provides a unique solution for companies and trading partners, and the long-term vision. 

As an award-winning global platform, MonetaPro features a stellar management team and list of advisors.

Here you can easily watch the presentation, share it with your team, and develop questions in advance of a follow-up.

III. Full Presentation – Narrated Powerpoint 

This narrated overview is designed to give you the quickest access to our investor information.

The presentation provides an overview about MonetaPro, details on company progress, and the overall outlook for the future.

Rather than having to schedule a Zoom call, this presentation was designed to provide you with all of the info. necessary.

If you have further questions, please do let us know.

IV. Company Documents – (Business Plan and Term Sheet)

V. Product Demo Video

MonetaPro Platform is built, scalable and ready to deploy

The video demonstrates the features and functionality of the MonetaPro platform.  We discuss the following:

 • Entering products for sell

 • Adding and finding trade partners

 • Invoicing and reconciliation

 • Use of G-BUC trade credits

Video (10:30min)

VI. Additional Information

1. Competitions Won – Eight and Counting

Below are just a few:

 • Silicon Valley, d10e (1st place)

 • Los Angeles, CryptoBlockCon (1st place)

 • Zurich, FinTech (1st place)

 • Malta, Delta Summit (2nd place)

 • Malta Blockchain (2nd place)

 • South Korea, d10e (3rd place)

 • Puerto Rico, d10e (4th place)

 • Puerto Rico CoinAgenda (4th place)

Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit Event – MonetaPro Presentation (Dubai, U.A.E.) – April 2021

Platform for exceptional networking between Family Offices and Thought Leaders from all over the world.  Summit facilitates International Presenting Partners with introductions to possible funding, partnerships and co-investment opportunities.

Five-Minute Presentation to share a high-level introduction to MonetaPro.

Video (4:57min)

Proactive Interview in NY: MonetaPro setting its sights to launch in blockchain friendly Malta

MonetaPro CEO and Founder, Stephen Meade, tells Proactive Investors’ Christine Corrado how the company is setting its sights on Malta to launch its business as the laws and regulation are friendly to the blockchain world.

Video (6:19min)