I. MonetaPro PreSale

Global economic forces, coupled with technological improvements, have combined to create an opportunity for new systems with global e-commerce.

Governments continue to create policies the devalue currencies on a world-wide basis, inflation is rising, and supply chains are constrained. This only exacerbates the need for companies to find new ways to increase revenue, decrease costs, and find better methods to transact with both new and existing trade partners.

There has never been a greater need for a Global Digital Currency (stable coin) to enable non-cash trading for Large Companies and Countries.

Technological improvements in the area’s digital payments for efficiency in transactions, blockchain technology for security and transparency, as well as the acceptance of online marketplaces, have all created the opportunity for a new solution within Global B2B Commerce.

II. Narrated Powerpoint

MonetaPro Litepaper and Overview

• Total distribution and Pre-Sale pricing

• What is the MonetaPro B2B Exchange

• The B2B Stable Credit- USD-GB GBUC (General Business Usage Credit)

• The MON Token

• The Utility of the MON

• Dual Liquidity Options for the MON

III. Full Presentation

This narrated overview is designed to give you the quickest access to our investor information.

The presentation provides an overview about MonetaPro, details on company progress, and the overall outlook for the future.

Rather than having to schedule a Zoom call, this presentation was designed to provide you with all of the info necessary.

If you have further questions, please let us know.

IV. Product Demo Video- Platform is Completed and Ready to Deploy

An overview of MonetaPro’s functionality. The platform demonstrates how a buyer and seller interact along with how a company with hierarchical structure would utilize the platform.

Notable Platform Attributes:

•B2B Stable Coin for internal Non-Cash Settlement

• Automatic adjustment for price fluctuations

• Company subsidiaries built-in
• Built-in IBM Blockain for asset management and audits

Additional Information

1. Competitions Won – Eight And Counting

Below are just a few:

 • Silicon Valley, d10e (1st place)

 • Los Angeles, CryptoBlockCon (1st place)

 • Zurich, FinTech (1st place)

 • Malta, Delta Summit (2nd place)

 • Malta Blockchain (2nd place)

 • South Korea, d10e (3rd place)

 • Puerto Rico, d10e (4th place)

 • Puerto Rico CoinAgenda (4th place)

2. Featured Videos

Award-Winning Presentation from d10e

Stephen delivered this presentation at the 22nd global d10e conference edition, held in Malta on May 20-22nd, 2018.

C-Suite Investors Summit Interview in San Francisco

Host Jeffrey Hayzlett sat down with MonetaPro CEO, Stephen Meade, to find out how he has successfully integrated the oldest form of e-commerce, bartering, with the most modern.

3. Available upon Request: Term Sheet, White Paper and FAQ’s