What is MonetaPro?

MonetaPro is a trade-for-credit, B2B exchange that allows companies to list goods and services available for trade in a closed-loop platform.

Upon the trade of an item, the Company does not receive cash but instead receives an internal trade credit called a G-BUC (pronounced “G-BUCK,” which stands for General Business Usage Credit) which can then be used  immediately to purchase other goods and services from approved trade companies in the platform.

The MonetaPro exchange provides a centralized global trading venue for companies to trade with existing partners as well as find new ones. Locating a trading partner is as simple as entering the type and amount of goods or services desired within the powerful search engine designed by MonetaPro. Negotiating and executing trades are both fast and easy. Tracking and reporting trade activity is in real-time.

MonetaPro is PayPal 2.0 Video (3-min)

I. MonetaPro Private Label Demo Video

MonetaPro Litepaper and Overview

MonetaPro – Private Label


• Market: $17 Trillion Corporate Barter

• Space: B2B Enterprise Marketplace

• Technology: IBM Blockchain Components

• Management: Experienced

• Seeking: $5MM Equity

Stephen Meade, Founder & CEO, provides a Private Label Demo Video

II. Executive Summary Video (2:50min)

This narrated overview is designed to give you the quickest access to our investor information. 

The presentation covers the problems with global trade, how MonetaPro provides a unique solution for companies and trading partners, and the long-term vision. 

As an award-winning global platform, MonetaPro features a stellar management team and list of advisors.

Here you can easily watch the presentation, share it with your team, and develop questions in advance of a follow-up.