I. Sales Introduction and Overview

MonetaPro is a multi-award winning B2B Fintech Marketplace. The platform allows companies and countries to more easily transact inside a centralized, secure and transparent global supply chain network. 

MonetaPro makes it seamless to transact with existing trade partners as well as find new ones. Listing an item for sale is simple (about 30 seconds and similar in design and function as eBay). 

Locating trading partners, companies or items is easy with the internal search engine designed by MonetaPro. 

MonetaPro offers multiple payment options including credit card (for small transactions), ACH (for large B2B transactions), Crypto Currency, an a proprietary blockchain enabled digital stable coin for Corporate Barter and offsets. All these functions provide a more efficient closed-loop transactions and settlement platform.  

The Company has also integrated IBM DLT blockchain technology for invoicing, asset management and audit trails. 

The overall results are lower transaction costs, ease of executing trades, removal of cross-border settlement, and more efficient overall asset tracking and audit. 

The target market is estimated $30T market of Global B2B Commerce (which hasn’t been put inside a B2B Marketplace), and the existing $17T of Corporate Barter that currently occurs worldwide. 

II. What is MonetaPro?

MonetaPro is a FinTech Platform for global corporate barter. 

MonetaPro acts as a B2B marketplace for Global 2000 companies to transact with each other inside a private, closed-loop system utilizing private blockchain technology.

Click the video on the right for an animated overview of MonetaPro and how it is the solution for providing ease of trade in Global Corporate Barter.

MonetaPro Starter Video (1:12min)

III. What Is CounterTrade? 

Corporate barter (e.g., corporate trade, offsets or inter-company trading) is where one company trades goods or services with another company. Examples:

– Ford trades cars for computers with IBM

– Caterpillar trades equipment with Home Depot for various goods or services

– Wyndham Hotels trades hotel rooms with American Airlines for airline seats

Click the video on the right for an award-winning presentation, narrated by Founder Stephen Meade, which describes the issues in Global Countertrade and how MonetaPro is the solution provider.

MonetaPro Presentation (6:45min)

IV. Product Demo Video

An overview of MonetaPro’s functionality. The platform demonstrates how a buyer and seller interact along with how a company with hierarchical structure would utilize the platform.

Product Demo Video (4:19 min)

V. Company WhitePaper

How a B2B MarketPlace and Corporate Barter Can Increase Sales and Decrease Cost

Thank You for reviewing our White Paper, which provides a detailed overview of how MonetaPro is revolutionizing the global barter industry.

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