Why MonetaPro?

MonetaPro is a B2B platform that operates as a trade-for-credit exchange.  The platform will allow companies to list goods and services available for trade.  MonetaPro automates the global trade process allowing for Efficiency, Liquidity and Trust.

What is Corporate Barter?

Corporate barter (e.g., corporate trade, offsets or inter-company trading) is where one company trades goods or services with another company. Examples:

* Ford trades cars for computers with IBM

* Caterpillar trades equipment with Home Depot for various goods or services

* Wyndham Hotels trades hotel rooms with American Airlines for airline seats

How Does MonetaPro Work?

The MonetaPro platform acts as a central bank and closed loop clearinghouse. Instead of receiving cash, sellers receive trade credits called the G-BUC (pronounced G-BUCKs, which stands for Global Business Usage Credits), based on the U.S. dollar equivalent. Companies use the G-BUCs to purchase goods and services from other members of the exchange. When trade credits are insufficient, cash or a combination of cash and credits may be used. G-BUCs exist only on the MonetaPro closed-loop platform.

Members are both buyers and sellers within the exchange. All Members will be qualified for admittance within MonetaPro based on their ability to deliver goods and services. Trade limits will be in place to ensure trade balances within the system.

MonetaPro Starter Video

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The following Explainer video encompasses how MonetaPro will serve as the ultimate solution for the global trade industry.  The animated video takes you from start to finish.

What is MonetaPro?

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The following is an in-depth powerpoint presentation demonstrating the global trade industry issues and how MonetaPro resolves most of these matters. 

Presentation is narrated by the CEO, Stephen Meade. 

Product Demo Video

What does the MonetaPro platform look like? 

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What is the Overall Benefit?

MonetaPro’s trade-for-credit system provides immediate financial settlement  to members by providing electronic clearing and settlement of transactions. Other benefits are as follows:

Automation of Trading

Proof of Ownership Transfer

Audit Trail for Compliance

Financial Leverage

Multi-Party Trading System

Global Benevolence Program

Contact Information
MonetaPro, Inc.
9601 Wilshire Blvd, STE. 1199
Beverly Hills, CA 90210