Why MonetaPro? 

MonetaPro is a B2B platform that operates as a sell-for-credit exchange.  MonetaPro will allow companies to list goods and services for sale at prices they determine. With MonetaPro, businesses freely buy and sell goods and services to other businesses across all vertical markets and industries.

How Does MonetaPro Work?

The MonetaPro platform acts as a central bank and closed loop clearinghouse.  Instead of receiving cash, sellers receive trade credits (called the GBUC, pronounced G-BUCKs, which stands for Global Business Usage Credits), based on the U.S. dollar equivalent.  Companies use the GBUCs to purchase goods and services from other members of the exchange.  When trade credits are insufficient, cash or a combination of cash and credits may be used.  GBUCs exist only on the MonetaPro platform.

Members are both buyers and sellers within the exchange.  All Members will be qualified for admittance within MonetaPro based on their ability to deliver goods and services.  Trade limits will be in place to ensure trade balances within the system.

What is the Overall Benefit?

MonetaPro’s trade-for-credit system provides immediate financial settlement to members by providing electronic clearing and settlement of transactions.  Other benefits are as follows:

  • Automation of Trading
  • Proof of Ownership Transfer
  • Audit Trail for Compliance
  • Financial Leverage
  • Multi-Party Trading System
  • Global Benevolence Program

The MonetaPro Solution – Narrated Executive Overview

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Featured Interview w/ MonetaPro Founder & CEO Stephen Meade

MonetaPro Founder & CEO, Stephen Meade, sat down with Host Jeffrey Hayzlett to discuss how he has successfully integrated the oldest form of e-commerce and bartering with blockchain technology.  Back in the year 2000, Meade designed a system capable of showing the visibility of idle assets and trade goods, called EAMS (Emergency Asset Management System), first used after 9/11.  After selling an e-commerce company in 1999, he became fascinated by corporate barter where the average transaction is over $1M.  In 2017, he founded MonetaPro which he calls “a glorified Amazon.”