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Christopher Hughes
Chris serves as the managing partner of Codable Capital, which makes security token issuance software.  He works with securities attorneys, regulators, incubators, VCs, private equity funds, and family offices to advise on best practices for security tokens.  Codable Capital’s first product STOken Studio is a turn-key tokenization product for issuing compliant digital securities.
Chris helps build companies in the blockchain & crypto sector by investing both crypto-capital and sweat.  He is deeply trained as a solidity developer, and also an expert in many other crypto and blockchain technologies.  Chris is more than just a developer of blockchain based solutions. Chris can merge traditional business with blockchain technology in a number of sectors, regulated assets, non-regulated markets, and generally engineering the future of finance. In just the past 6 months Chris has been involved in the development of some of the most successful crypto capital raises and ICOs. Ask him to explain bitcoin and call me if you need a spicy solution to your crypto problem. Before crypto, Chris helped build one of the largest poker companies in the world and is famous for being an early hacker of the iPhone. Trained in both mathematics and computer science with an advanced understanding of finance and business Chris possesses special skills that are needed at this time.  

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