Jay SatoChief Marketing Officer

Jay Sato

Mr. Sato has over 25 years of executive marketing experience at Sony Electronic Inc. As a General Manager and Vice President he was responsible for creating new product categories for Sony. He was part of the team that introduced the Compact Disc player and format in 1982. In 1985 he launched the first consumer camcorder and built the Handycam™ camcorder business into $1 billion in sales and sustained a #1 market share position that Sony still enjoys. His management responsibilities included sales, marketing, financials, innovative product development, flexible pricing structures, procurement (supply chain), impactful promotions, award-winning national TV/print advertising, ground-breaking websites, and retail-partner merchandising. He also created the first U.S. home video competition with the American Film Institute and Francis Coppola and ran the contest for 14 years.

To expand Sony’s imaging business, he created and developed Sony’s digital camera division. Within one year of introducing Sony’s Digital Mavica™ camera, Sony gained #1 market share. To expand the application and enjoyment of digital imaging, he then led a development team of engineers, operations, marketers and lawyers and set-up ImageStation.com, Sony’s entrepreneurial venture in image sharing, printing and gifting website services. ImageStation.com garnered almost 2 million active members in its first year and received numerous industry awards for its innovative capabilities. To elevate Sony’s other web services, he was assigned all marketing for SonyStyle.com, Sony’s eCommerce website. He supervised all advertising (TV, print, email, banner) and oversaw CRM database management and web analytics for demand generation, customer acquisition and retention.

Mr. Sato received an engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He current holds 5 patents and 12 patents pending in digital imaging.

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