A good company needs more than a good idea, it needs people who can execute on such ideas and the ability to bring Visions, to Reality.

Stephen Meade | Board Chairman and Founder

Stephen Meade is an American entrepreneur, executive and business founder who is passionate about creating companies that make a difference in the world.  He has the ability to catapult an idea from pure concept to the creation of a thriving business.  In the past 20 years, he has created, incubated and architected nine (9) successful technology-based companies.  He is a seasoned business leader who frequently speaks on the art of networking at executive leadership conferences and the largest communities of startup (i.e. executives, entrepreneurs, start-up founders, co-founders, students) around the world.

He is currently the CEO of MonetaPro.IO, which is a FinTech Blockchain company for Global Companies to participate in Corporate Trade. MonetaPro.IO competed in and won the Silicon Valley d10e Global ICO contest, which to date was the largest ICO competition in the World featuring 32 companies. MonetaPro has placed in the following competitions: Fintech Zurich (1st Place), Los Angeles Crypto (1st Place), Malta (2nd Place), South Korea (3rd place), and more!

In 2005, he founded Big Bamboo, LLC to serve as the incubator for ideas that are worth building a team around and bringing to market. Currently, all ideas come solely from the Founder, Mr. Meade, and the company does not take on or incubate outside business or services.

Mr. Meade is also the CEO of Upper Street Marketing (Stock Symbol: UPPR), a boutique public company focused on technology around Media, Entertainment, and Influencers.  The first product for UPPR, MagMo (which stands for Magazine Moment) is a photo sharing tool for major brands to create stories and share it with their existing audience.  MagMo can provide monetization for social media audiences of the brand through a patent pending process known as the “back cover.”

Prior projects include:

MyBlueEarth.org – (Environmental Consumer Product for Water Conservation, saving a targeted 50 Billion Gallons of water per year, and educating millions of children about conservation)

Cenoplex – (A revolutionary mobile messaging platform and first company in the world to insert a four second audio message in the sequencing gap of a mobile phone call)

RONAStar – (Internal eBay for large companies to save money by redeploying their own idle assets)

ComCom – (A private labeled transaction platform for affinity groups)

CuCme – (See you, See Me; a mobile networking app to find relevant people around you)

His roster of successful businesses also includes the founding and selling of SiteVisions.com, a website and database development company sold in 2000.  In 1996, he founded VirtualSellers.com which became an innovation for an e-commerce based transaction processing system that proved to be an early precursor to PayPal and EAMS (Emergency Asset Management System), which is a software application for disaster management and was used in the City of New York to help manage the crisis of 9/11.  VDOT was sold in 1999 to a public company.  At its height, VDOT had a market cap of $950M.  VDOT, the technology, service and concept was an early precursor to what later became PayPal.

For Mr. Meade, most ideas are impactful, relevant, and quite often ahead of their time.  From having the 4th ever Infomercial in the late 80’s to VirtualSellers in the 90s, he has positioned himself as a pioneer in the e-commerce transaction processing company.  Prior to venturing into the entrepreneurial world, he served as a regional Vice-President with Travelers Group, a fortune 500 financial services company.

He is a frequent participant/speaker/panelist at CGI (Clinton Global Initiative), Founder Institute, Opportunity Green, and more.  He has also served as a guest lecturer at universities including MIT, Harvard, Northwestern, PKI (Peter Kiewit Institute), University of Nebraska, UMKC (University of Missouri Kansas City), USC , UCLA, University of Chicago, Loyola University, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Chicago, and more.

Mr. Meade also serves as an advisor to numerous companies and organizations including: International House of Blues Foundation – Chicago (www.IHOBF.com), Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum (www.mitefchicago.org), PC Guild which provides a tour management solution for Bands and entertainment (www.pcguild.com), AgileCo.net, Twitmob, and more.  He also fosters the advancement of other start-up leaders as a founding member of KnockNOW, a non-profit that accelerates opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Mr. Meade was a judge for the prestigious global business plan challenge from Thunderbird (www.innovationchallenge.com), UMKC’s Entrepreneurial contest for 2010, and a finalist judge for Boats.com e-commerce awards.

His “Isolation is a Good Thing” seminar trains executives how to isolate exactly what they need and who they need to meet before they execute in order to be more effective.  He welcomes an opportunity to speak if he feels he can add value for the audience.

He is the author of three books in the field of finance/credit improvement and business networking.


Jay Sato | Chief Marketing Officer

Mr.  Sato has over 25 years of executive marketing experience at Sony Electronic Inc. As a General Manager and Vice President he was responsible for creating new product categories for Sony. He was part of the team that introduced the Compact Disc player and format in 1982. In 1985 he launched the first consumer camcorder and built the Handycam™ camcorder business into $1 billion in sales and sustained a #1 market share position that Sony still enjoys. His management responsibilities included sales, marketing, financials, innovative product development, flexible pricing structures, procurement (supply chain), impactful promotions, award-winning national TV/print advertising, ground-breaking websites, and retail-partner merchandising. He also created the first U.S. home video competition with the American Film Institute and Francis Coppola and ran the contest for 14 years.

To expand Sony’s imaging business, he created and developed Sony’s digital camera division. Within one year of introducing Sony’s Digital Mavica™ camera, Sony gained #1 market share. To expand the application and enjoyment of digital imaging, he then led a development team of engineers, operations, marketers and lawyers and set-up ImageStation.com, Sony’s entrepreneurial venture in image sharing, printing and gifting website services. ImageStation.com garnered almost 2 million active members in its first year and received numerous industry awards for its innovative capabilities. To elevate Sony’s other web services, he was assigned all marketing for SonyStyle.com, Sony’s eCommerce website. He supervised all advertising (TV, print, email, banner) and oversaw CRM database management and web analytics for demand generation, customer acquisition and retention.

Mr. Sato received an engineering degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He current holds 5 patents and 12 patents pending in digital imaging.

Robert C. Jacobson | Director of Token Relations

Robert Jacobson works at the intersection of technology, finance, and business development. His experience in private equity and angel investing is as a cofounder and as a principal, notably as co-founder of the private equity firm Desert Sky Holdings, and a principal with the Space Angels Network, which targeted early-stage aerospace opportunities.

Jacobson is an experienced and successful community builder, and he counts co-founding the Aerospace & Defense Forum – a global aerospace and defense leadership community of over 1500 executives – and co-founding the 62MileClub, as well as his partnership in Gather Green, among his many accomplishments.

As an investor and entrepreneur, Jacobson has a deep understanding of both sides of the table. His clients and portfolio are diverse; his reach includes the renewable energy, software, aerospace, media, and manufacturing sectors.

Jacobson is a bridge builder who connects fast-paced transformative efforts to meet goals and objectives, skills facilitated by his unique education. His background includes a degree from University of Southern California, where he studied business and music, an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts, completion of the Space Studies Program at the Israel’s Technion Institute, and a certificate of Real Estate Investments from UCLA Extension.

He also has a high degree of knowledge around the blockchain, having worked with partners and clients to strategize various blockchain-related opportunities, and co-authored a white paper on leveraging blockchain technology and geospatial data to improve land administration infrastructure. This white paper evolved into the firm SpatialTrust, an effort that informs his work today.

Igor Barash | Head Of Product & Operations

Mr. Barash is an experienced Technology Product and Operations Executive who co-founded CyberDefender Corporation, an Internet security software company where he served as both Chief Product Officer and Chief Information Officer. The company was a true garage to Nasdaq story.  Mr. Barash directed the development and successful market introduction of many of their leading Internet security products including MyCleanPC.com and USTechSupport.com, which serve over 100 million users worldwide. Additionally, he assisted the company in growing from a startup to over $64 million in revenue and nearly 700 employees and contractors.  Most recently, Mr. Barash co-founded TrepScore, an information-sharing platform that allows entrepreneurs to effectively and efficiently manage their data and share their progress with investors in real-time.  Igor Barash is an excellent strategist and expert in the startup world. He is chairman of the cinify board which is a video payment platform that allows content creators to monetize their videos.

Gil Torovezky | Technical:
Mr. Torovezky is a financial technology executive with focus on Blockchain solutions.  Recently assisted to raised $0.5MM from a top tier bank in Mexico for a financial inclusion Prepaid Debit card with a built remittance to take on $26B market corridor US-Mexico.  Launched multiple Prepaid card program with focus on unbank/underbank at the Hispanic community.  Deep knowledge and proven experience in Blockchain, cyber security, Payments, Remittance, Debit card, processing, and retail banking.  Successfully built from ground up a $10MM Operations company including staff management (7 direct reports), CallCenter offshore(25 seats) Management, Financial Ops, Product, vendor management, Sales support and Partner relationship. Expert in CIP, Scorecard, and risk adaptive assessment rule based platform to reduce sign up fraud. Product Marketing management: design, define and launch new products follow NPI/NPD Agile/Iterative methodologies to increase customer retention and usability. Vendor management based on KPI and SLA to efficiently operate business processes.

Broad experience and knowledge in Blockchain, Payments (EFT), Processing, pin networks, Fast ACH/Same day ACH, PSD2, Open API, AML/BSA/Compliance. Micro Loans, Reloadable Debit Card program management, Cyber, UI/UX, Positive Pay, Online and Offline fraud, mobile and digital products.

Education is in both Mathematics, computer science and Marketing and Sales. Prior to that, served in the Israeli Red Beret, Captain.


Rick Prendergast | Director Of Sales

Mr. Prendergast has over twenty years of senior and executive level sales experience. He has held a wide range of domestic and international sales management positions with highly respected Fortune 500 companies. He has also built successful sales channels with start up organizations. Examples of his sales experience includes American Express corporate card division, Atlantic/Lucent Technology, First Source, an e-procurement ASP, EuroPoint International, NEC Unified Solutions, Siemens Business Services and most recently, Thomson Corporation. His success in sales at American Express resulted in a promotion to the management team that launched a start-up business within the Corporation called “Corporate Services”. Mr. Prendergast played a critical part in the development of this start-up, growing revenue to over $300 million within 5 years. He was the first VP of Sales hired at Participate.Com, an e-community provider. At Participate he designed and executed the sales strategy for Participate.com’s North America expansion. Mr. Prendergast was recruited by Atlantic/Lucent Technology to lead a turn-around of the national sales organization that was not meeting revenue and market growth expectations, where his efforts resulted in growing the sales channel revenue by 350{42e7342516b441bff5b632fea4f43011776b2c92a2d7169058914b3cccda2ffd} in less than four years. He also led other start-up sales organizations by launching the North American sales and business development for EuroPoint. He developed and deployed the field sales force for Firstsource, an e- procurement platform focused on the middle-market. At NEC Unified Solutions, he was instrumental in driving change management where he reduced the cost of sale by 34{42e7342516b441bff5b632fea4f43011776b2c92a2d7169058914b3cccda2ffd} and grew new revenue 29{42e7342516b441bff5b632fea4f43011776b2c92a2d7169058914b3cccda2ffd} by launching a new solution-based services offering.

Kamden Burke | Sales | Natural Resources 

Kamden is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor, and founder of White Rhino Capital. He focuses solely on bringing proprietary and scalable and technologies to market with his personal resources and expertise. He focuses on bringing experts to catalyze solutions to fixing the worlds biggest problems.